Without training, it’s just you against the river. Training is one of the many benefits of working for (and with) Magnolia Marine Transport Company. Our mariners and staff participate in training programs at various stages of their career to ensure they’re well equipped to operate at their best and safest. The training programs offered at MMT include:

  • Tankerman Training Program: This program is designed to teach an experienced deckhand the transfer operations of hot oil barges, and help these trainees obtain a United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Document.
  • Engineer Training Program: Study and train under the guidance of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the areas of diesel mechanics and vessel and barge maintenance.
  • Steersman Training Program: Learn to navigate vessels within the inland waterways and gain knowledge from highly experienced captains to obtain United States Coast Guard licensing.

Training continues throughout the careers of MMT’s mariners and staff. This ongoing education provides equal opportunities for advancement, and makes for some of the most skilled crews in the entire Marine industry.

Captains & Pilots
Captains, Pilots and Relief Captains receive training to review policies, “rules of the road,” changes in company standards, and vessel management training every two years.

Captains attend the Seamen’s Church Institute for maritime education every two years.

MMT vessel and shoreside engineers are consistently trained to ensure they remain up-to-date on the most current procedures and equipment operations. Vessel engineers are trained every two years on new processes and equipment. Both vessel and shoreline engineers attend Caterpillar University to train on specific equipment and processes.

Tankermen receive training from the Maritime Services Group of Louisiana (MSGLA) to receive merchant mariners credentials and in house training every two years.

Deckhands must graduate from Hinds Community College’s Deckhand training program, and receive continuous on the job training until they advance to the position of Tankermen.


The Seamen's Church Institute Hinds Community CollegeCaterpillar School