Our operations group is critical to the ongoing success of Magnolia Marine’s operations. They perform essential functions that ensure our company remains a well-oiled, compliant, and capable machine to better serve our customers.

Human Resources
HR helps staff our vessels with the most qualified maritime employees. HR continues to work with our team members by managing payroll, employee benefits, and ensuring crew changes meet regulations and transportation needs run smoothly.

Port Captains and Oil Movement Supervisor
The Port Captains staff the vessel with Wheelhouse members and ensure that the fleet is up to date with navigational changes and current river conditions. The Oil Movement Supervisor assists in training Tankermen for oil transfer procedures.

Compliance Department
The compliance department audits and trains the fleet on standards ranging from safety and environmental, to ISO 9000. They oversee all safety and environmental issues.


Captains, Pilots and Relief Captains receive yearly training to review policies, “rules of the road,” changes in company standards, and vessel management training.

Captains attend the Seamen’s Church Institute for maritime education every two years.

Tankermen review regulations and receive yearly training from the Maritime Services Group of Louisiana (MSGLA).

Deckhands must graduate from Hinds Community College’s Deckhand training program. Once they have graduated, Deckhands receive on the job training until they advance to the rank of Tankermen.