Continuing with the Magnolia Marine Mission Statement, the engineering department provides 24-hour service to our vessels and barges. Their expertise ensures that major or minor repairs are completed quickly and efficiently, and keeps our equipment in prime condition to serve our customers. Our engineering department consists of skilled individuals both on and off our vessels, with over 300 years of combined experience and service.

Qualities and Capabilities

  • A qualified staff that locates, purchases and stocks all supplies and parts that may be needed to meet the needs our vessels, and for minor repairs and major overhauls performed by the engineering department.
  • A John Deere dealership with a trained staff of mechanics for repairs or new assemblies.
  • A trained and capable staff to re-power boats from start to finish.
  • Licensed electricians capable of taking care of electrical problems on boats and barges, that stay up to date with all Coast Guard requirements on existing equipment and new construction.
  • A large inventory stock to take care of everyday needs and emergency repairs that may be needed on barges or boats, ranging from parts and filters to swing engines and cargo pumps.



MMT vessel and shoreside engineers are trained to ensure they stay up-to-date on the most recent procedures and equipment operations. Vessel engineers are trained yearly on new processes and equipment. Both vessel and shoreline engineers attend Caterpillar University to train on specific equipment and processes.