Employment Requirements
• Must be at least 18 years of age
• Must hold a valid state issued driver’s license
• Must be able to read and write in English, and comprehend written instructions, documents, etc.
• Must be physically fit and able to pass a physical examination and DOT drug screen

Employment Opportunities
• No experience required
• Meals and transportation provided
• Year-round, full time employment
• Experience extensive travel across the U.S., and enjoy the beautiful scenery of changing seasons and wildlife
• MMT employees can work a thirty days on and fifteen days off or thirty days on thirty days off, year round. That’s over 120 days off a year.

Potential Earnings
First year earnings: $ 32,400
Second year earnings: $ 58,000
Fourth year earnings: $ 68,000
Seventh year earnings: $ 100,000 (plus)

Employee Benefits
• Life insurance
• Long-Term disability coverage
• Medical benefits
• Dental benefits
• 401K and profit sharing programs
• Holiday Pay

For additional Inquiries: 1-800-696-5921