MM 83

Name Of Barge: MM 83

Official No.: 1235531

Grade: “A” and Lower


Construction and Design

Year Built: 2011

Shipyard: Trinity

Location: Ashland City, TN

Home Port: New Orleans, LA

Size: 297.5’ x 54’ x 13’

Type: Hot Oil

Cargo Allowed: Asphalt/6 Oils/Crudes

Number Compartments: 8

Double Skin Barge:

Stern/Lead/Bo: Lead

Gross Tons: 1754

Calibrated BBL Capacity: 23,500

Fuel Tanks: 2

Fuel Tank Capacity: 7471 gal. each

Spill Rails: FullPerimeter: DripPans:

Stop Gauges: Cargo Tank: Fuel Tank:

Deck Type: Flush

Insulated Top:

ABS Loadline:

Note: This barge is ABS certified and capable of traveling to Whiting in the Great Lakes without having to ballast any void tanks with water.



Boiler: Hopkins 602, 6 million BTU

High Efficiency:

Fuel Consumption: 1608 gal. per 24 hrs.

High Coils: Low Coils: Steam Coils:

Cargo Pump(s): Seirbath w/strainer and bypass (BPH:4000)

Cargo Pump Engine(s): 13.5 L John Deere (RPM: 1800)

Generator: Marathon 99KW

Generator Engine: 6.8 L John Deere (RPM: 1800)

Fuel Consumption: 72 gal. per 24 hrs.

Vapor Recovery Equipped:


Capacities in Fresh Water

Draft Short Tons Barrels
8’ 6″ 3059 17,000
9’ 3302 18,500
9′ 6″ 3547 20,000
10’ 3791 21,500

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