Name Of Barge: LB-3
Official No: 523101
Grade: “A” and Lower


Construction and Design

Year Built: 1969

Shipyard: Gretna Machine and Iron Works

Location: Harvey, LA

Home Port: New Orleans, LA

Size: 195’ x 52’ x 12’ 5”

Type: Steam Coils

Cargo Allowed: Lube Oil (Clean Oil)

Number Compartments: 6

Double Skin Barge:

Stern/Lead/Bo: Lead

Gross Tons: 1324

Calibrated BBL Capacity: 15,664

Spill Rails: FullPerimeter: DripPans:

Deck Type: Raised



Steam Coils: Inside cargo tanks

Cargo Pump(s): Deepwell, Gould

Cargo Pump Engine(s): 6-71 Detroit

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